Training Materials

Below are training materials that you can purchase to learn more about investing & trading. Be sure to read through what they are and the intended use so that you get what you are after. If there is anything that needs clarification the fastest way to find is to email - really simple.

Paid Training Materials

Foundations of Professional Trading (Experienced)

  • Top Down, Long/Short Trading & Portfolio Management

  • +35 Hours of Lectures

  • Intraday/Swing/Core Approaches

  • Focus on Building a Long/Short Portfolio

  • Email to Purchase

Market Timing & Price Action Webinar (Intermediate)

  • 3 Hour Live Recorded Webinar

  • Multiple Time Frame Analysis/Candles/Market Turning Points

  • Focus on “Naked Price Action” Charts

Paid Articles (with Membership)

Free Training Materials

Poker & Trading: Lessons from Phil Ivey

Win Ratios: A Flawed Concept

Carvana: A Lesson in Game Theory

Trades v. Investments: A Difference