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The LongVol Report

Developed from an active-trading perspective covering long/short equity, futures and commodities trading to deliver absolute return ideas. This report covers a top-down investment approach with a technical overlay to better time trade ideas. This is the same report which (one of the first) to call for Carvana to trade to $0 when it was at $160. I spoke with many journalists who refused to publish the research me and my analyst put together on it until the stock was sub $10. We made well over +7 figures on that for my fund. This report contains insights primarily dedicated to capturing volatility in the markets with some special-situations coverage as well.

Who Is This Report For?

If you’re an investor looking for active trading, within an intraday to 90-day window then the ideas and commentary hit fit that exactly. The LongVol Report teaches you exactly what you need to know to consistently win in the stock market and minimize your risks – regardless of market conditions. Most importantly, you’ll be able to get actionable ideas you can use in your portfolio that perform v. the standard buy, hold hope and wait approach.

The investment strategies outlined in The LongVol Report are the same strategies I ran as a Portfolio Manager and work cross-asset (stocks, commodities, futures options) Anyone can succeed in the stock market if they know what to look for and how to act so allow me to share my insights with you.

Who Is This Report NOT For?

If you’re interested in gambling on short-term option, stock picks or hoping to use unusual options flow to bet on someone Elses bet this is not for you.

I trade a long/short approach that uses a proven, systematic top-down framework to generate ideas. Not only that, I discuss how to structure the ideas optimally.

If you’re ready to cut through the yapping writers and old-school Wall Street guys that would rather tell you how smart they are v. making money, then this is for you.

Daily Market Plan

With The LongVol Report you’ll get a nightly recap Monday-Thursday covering a plan for the next day as well as educational insights to help you to better understand how to analyze the markets and structure trade ideas effectively. I cover S&P500/Crude and Nasdaq as well as relevant equity setups each night.

Increase Returns Consistently

The daily market insights you’ll receive from me will allow you to better see the market moves and digest the analysis in a way that you can get done without hours of research notes. The idea is to generate ideas in the 1-90 day trading window so from that perspective we are active trading the markets. In this current regime of market volatility capturing moves in this window is the most ideal approach.

About Me

I’m a former Wall Street trader and now I run a money management firm based absolute returns across long/short equities.

My corporate career started on Wall Street at Charles Schwab at the age of twenty and ended it as a Portfolio Manager at the age of thirty as a portfolio manager for a long/short hedge fund.  

I am focused on growing my fund and enjoying life in the Carribean.

Some things about me -

  • In 2020 I turned around a notable golf company.

  • Also helped to raise and invest in start-ups like this.

  • I’ve been published on my short-housing views here in Business Insider.

In 2022 I was one of the first people to discuss Carvana as a “Big short” - Forbes quoted me here.

My hobbies…..

Big fan of Formula 1, boxing/sparring and running.

I am in pursuit of creating efficiency in my life.

Email me if you want to chat.

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Created in 2020 the report combines top-down research with a technical overlay to generate long/short trading ideas for active portfolio management - including stocks, futures and options.


Dan Bustamante

Trading the markets for way too long.